Are Warts Cancerous?

Warts are small rough growths on the skin and they appear on different body parts.  They are normally ugly looking and most people who seek treatment for this skin condition usually seek it for cosmetic purposes. These growths can occur on the face, elbows, genitals and underside of the toes among other body parts.
They are very easily spread and therefore people are on the alert. This skin condition is caused by a viral infection. The HPV virus is responsible for this skin condition. Warts are spread when you get into contact with a lesion or clothing that is contaminated. The virus gets into the body via broken skin.
Warts are not cancerous. They are indeed harmless. The only problem with them is that they are very contagious. Most cases of this skin condition actually go untreated because they heal by themselves in about two years. However, they can recur. There are no reported cases of warts ever being cancerous. They are therefore benign and you should never worry about cancer risks when you have this skin condition.
As much as this skin condition is non-cancerous, recent studies have shown that they can lead to cervical cancer. When these growths appear on the cervix, they make changes to the cervix and put the affected woman at risk of cervical cancer. Apart from this, this skin condition causes no reason for alarm.
There are numerous treatments for warts. There are laser treatments and cryotherapy in hospital environments. There are also home remedies. Papaya is very effective on warts. Skin remedies are best effective when used on clean skin. Ensure that you shower before you apply papaya on the lesion. You should also use mild soaps on the skin to avoid skin irritation. Apply fresh papaya juice on the wart at least twice a day and leave it to dry. Papaya contains enzymes that digest the warts and dissolve them in a safe manner. Other natural remedies that work the same way as papaya are figs, pineapple and banana peels.
Aloe Vera has always been among the best known remedies for skin conditions. It rarely disappoints. Whatever skin problem you have, aloe will do the magic. This includes this skin condition.  Everyone picks on aloe Vera as the first choice when having any skin problem. Aloe Vera works best on the skin when the juice is directly applied to the warts. It works by dissolving them and even better-tone the skin.

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