Are Warts Dangerous?

Wart removal may not be always necessary but an unusual wart growth on your skin must be taken seriously because such warts may become more invasive in nature and you may have to deal with a more complicated skin problem. Naturally warts should disappear after your immune system has been restored to normal. There several ways by which the immune system suffer a set back and such set backs can allow the HPV virus which is known to cause warts to become more invasive on the skin{ some of the problems that may reduce your immune powers are; sicknesses, medication treatments and some unhealthy lifestyles}.
Most warts are genuinely not harmful because they are small benign growths. Due to the fact that warts are benign in nature, they do not turn cancerous, despite the fact that warts are harmless , there are some types of warts that can become painful in nature. You will notice that a wart that will be painful or painless will be determined by the part of the body on which it is located, Warts that occur at the soles of the feet for instance are plantar warts which often become very painful and more difficult to handle. Plantar warts are particularly dangerous because they appear in the hard regions of the skin and they often become more difficult to be treated with conventional medicines , surgery is often used in treating such warts.
You may have to think about wart removal because you will probably come in contact with several people, including your family members , your wife or husband and kids may contact warts from you. You will also need to keep most of your personal belongings away from people so as to protect them from contacting warts from you{  warts can be easily spread from one person to the other}.
Genital warts are also particularly dangerous because they may trigger some other sexually transmitted diseases when not treated. Genital warts , just like plantar warts can also become quite painful especially when they rub against clothings , you should consider warts to be very dangerous because it is a communicable condition.
Warts are also dangerous because an ineffective treatment may make them return in the near future. It is very important that you check your warts and get the best medical treatment.

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