Are Warts Hereditary?

Warts are a very common skin condition the world over. So many people are having it and the rate at which it is benign transmitted is very high. Warts are very contagious and it can also come up on several parts of the body. It can come up on the face and even the genitals. Any body contact with the skin condition   is enough to get someone infected with it.
There are so many opinions on whether or not warts are genetic. Many are of the opinion that a parent can transfer it to the offspring. In case you are one of those getting bothered about this issue, this write up will help to shed more light into the possibility of the skin condition being genetic.
Are they hereditary?
Without doubt, there is nothing hereditary about warts. Anyone having such fear should therefore lay it to rest. Warts can only get from one person to the other through body contact and nothing more. If you share things like clothing with the affected person, you may also get infected. This is to say that the virus responsible for causing warts do not get into the blood stream.
One of the reasons many think warts is genetic is the fact that some children can have it long after they had been born if the parent has it too. This does not men that the skin condition is hereditary.  Genital warts are one of the easiest to contact. It can be contacted through sexual intercourse. In case the mother has genital warts, the infant can come in contact with it during child labor. In some cases, such babies do not show any sign of the warts growth on them until some years later. This is because the warts can remain dormant in the affected person for up to two years at time. (This dormancy does not occur in all cases of infection).
The human papilloma virus that is responsible for warts does not enter into the blood stream. It stays only on the subcutaneous tissue. Since it does not gain entrance into the human cells or blood stream, it can rarely be hereditary.
Every other forms of warts aside the genital warts too is transmitted only by contact and never through hereditary. In case you have been bothered about any genetic link with warts you can now lay your fears to rest.


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