At What Age Can You Contract Warts?

It is very difficult to declare the actual age at which warts infections occur on the skin. The truth of the matter is that warts infection can occur in some individuals as early as 2 years old, while others do not experience warts infections until their immune system has weakened or when they are pregnant or suffer from some forms of infections. Many people may develop wart infections after they have undergone some forms of medical treatment which has inadvertently caused a drastic set-back to their immune system.
Many children especially within the ages of 5 and 10 may develop wart infections in places like the forehead, knees, elbow, or hands, the reason for this is the fact that children often handle so many dirty things which may be harbouring a significant deposit of the HPV virus    { dirty ground surfaces, water logged grounds and walls and public toilets have been known to harbour the HPV virus strains}, it is very important to watch places where children play and get them washed at least 2 times a day to ensure that the virus does not multiply beyond what their immune systems can handle.
Unlike children, most teenagers and young adults contact wart infections through reckless sexual behaviour, this explains why genital warts are more common in teenagers and young adults than older people. Apart from this, many young adults who engage in outdoor activities can also increase their chances of developing warts especially when they come into contact with another person that is suffering from the infections, young people who often share clothings , and some other accessories with others may also possess higher chances of developing wart infections.
With all the illustrations made above , one can actually say that an individual possess a higher chance of developing warts at a very young tender age. Anyone can develop wart infection at any time, it all depends on how the immune system can suppress the actions of the HPV virus. People who have a genetic predisposition to wart infections may also develop the infection at a very tender age. A significant percentage of individuals who have either of their parents suffering from wart infections may also contact the infection at any time in their lifetime, such genetically induced warts may also become very difficult to remove , only a treatment therapy that addresses the underlying genetic issues can eliminate such.

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