Can Warts Disappear By Themselves?

Can Warts Disappear By Themselves?
15 percent of the world population will likely suffer from wart infections even before the age of 10. They are skin outgrowths which occur as a result of the action of some HPV virus which infiltrate the skin through cuts, wounds and cracks. Warts are benign in nature , however they can create pressure points on some parts of the body including the hand and feet. Though the infection can be passed from one person to the other through direct contact with the affected skin area, however it often takes around 1 month for new lesions to develop.
Since warts are benign in nature, they can disappear naturally even without any treatment. They are frustrating to treat, and around 75% of them will disappear without treatment. Aggressive warts may become painful and will thus require treatment. Common warts are the commonest types of wart found especially in teenagers. They are characterized with coloured, rough and raised lesions which appear on the exposed surface of face, hands, and legs. Almost all types of common wart will disappear eventually{ the period of disappearance may range from few weeks to several years depending on the nature of the wart}.
Flat warts grow in a number of places and they may take a longer time to disappear without treatment. The Plantar wart is the most aggressive form of wart  infections on the skin. They are inward growing lesions which are mostly found at the bottom of the foot. Some pressure is often exerted on plantar warts especially when people walk and in so doing the wart is  pushed right back into the skin. Plantar warts are found more in people who sweat and those who do lots of walking and exercises. They are also difficult to deal with , they also take long periods of time to disappear.
Most times, the decision to allow warts to disappear or be treated will depend on some factors such as location, the presence of pains , and cosmetic reasons. A painful wart lesion which interferes with some of your daily activities should be treated. Despite the facts that Plantar warts are the most painful warts , they tend to disappear faster than other types of warts, other types of warts take so much longer in time to go on their own and for that reason they might need some forms of treatment.

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