Can Warts Turn Cancerous?

Warts infections are commonly caused by the Human Papilloma  Viruses {HPV}. The virus can be spread from one individual to the other especially through direct contact between an infected person and a non-infected individual. There are hundreds of different HPV species which affect the skin and the mucus membrane and depending on the kind of species, not all HPV  result in Wart infections.  The controversies surround whether warts can  turn cancerous has been linked with the fact that HPV has been found to trigger genital and anal cancers. Some specific HPV strains have been known to trigger some carcinogenic effects on the mucosal tissues which can lead to such cancerous growths.
It is still not certain whether all strains of the HPV that cause warts can trigger skin cancer, however what is certain is that low risk HPV virus are mostly responsible for the development of benign lesions of warts on the skin, and  as long as your warts result from the low risk HPV strains, there is a very low chance of such warts turning cancerous.
Warts can spread directly to an uninfected individuals through direct contact , or by indirect contact especially when an uninfected person use the clothing, towels or other bathing materials that had been previously used by an affected person. It is also possible for an individual to spread wart infections without any previous knowledge of the affected person, but good hygienic practices can decrease chances of spreading the infection.
Warts will generally disappear even when untreated , this is as a result of the actions of the immune system. Generally speaking the HPV virus which causes warts in the first instance can be destroyed through the actions of the immune system and the infection itself is not cancerous. It has however been discovered that untreated warts which are benign in nature can actually turn to malign tissues of skin cancers. Some agents which can turn a benign wart tissue into a cancerous one includes excessive UV rays of the sun and the use of harmful body treatment products.
If the wart has developed into an irregular and expanding tissue, it will likely turn into a cancerous growth and such should be treated immediately. Exposure of a non-cancerous wart to some agents can turn it to a cancerous growth which you may find difficult to deal with. It is therefore essential to treat the wart rather than hope that it will disappear .

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