Can Warts Turn To Cancer?

Warts are very common skin conditions. It can also be found on many parts of the body; like the face and even the genital areas. When it appears on the skin, it can be disgusting and irritating. It can also be disturbing, considering the fact that many people think that it can end up becoming cancerous. In appearance, this skin condition looks like a tumor. This seems to lend more to the fear of the thing turning cancerous later. In case you are nursing the above mentioned fear, this write up will open your eyes to the possibility of warts causing cancer.

Does it ever happen?

In real fact, warts can lead to cancer. Although, it does not form the same way that cancerous cells form. Ordinarily, it should not lead to cancer. But the causative organism of this skin condition is the one responsible for making the skin condition to be cancerous. Human papilloma virus is the organism responsible for this skin condition. If it is left alone for too long, it can lead to cancer on the skin. This is why it may be in your best interest to get rid of the warts on time.

The more possible situation

It is more possible for cancer to result from genital warts.  When you have this skin condition in the genital area, you stand a very good chance of getting cancer from it at the end of the day. The mucosa tissues around the genital area are attacked by the human papilloma virus and this will prompt the cancer to come up around this area. If the skin condition also appears around the head or the neck region, it may end up as cancer. Before the warts end up this way, you should get rid of it using simple treatment methods.

HIV infection worsens the situation

If the CD4 count in an individual with HIV is low, the warts on such a person may lead to cancer. These sets of people have more propensities to suffer from this infection this way.  The CD4 cells are the ones that are responsible for fighting infection in the body. When their number and state are compromised, they reduce in number and they are not able to fight against the occurrence of cancer as they should.  It is however not every form of warts that can lead to cancer at the end of the day.


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