Causes & Treatments Of Warts On The Face

Warts can be referred to as rounded bumps which can appear on any part of the body. They mostly appear around the lips and eyelids and they may make the face look very ugly when not treated or controlled. It is very hard to conceal warts on the skin even with  make-up. Understanding the causes as well as treatment methods for the infection will greatly help you in dealing with the condition. Different forms of warts exist and the most  known include filiwarts, round and flat warts. The human Papilloma virus is basically responsible for wart infections, and you need to understand that an individual who directly comes into contact with warts can catch the condition.
Laser and cryotherapy methods are the most advanced forms of treating wart infections. Laser therapy involves the use of pulsed light sensations to remove blood cells especially in the affected skin area, and then the water molecules in the treated area will be removed through the CO 2 laser and the individual  is effectively treated. You need to understand that this form of treatment can result in scarring and you should be ready to undergo some redness and pain when you are treated through laser procedures.
Nitrogen freezing procedures or cryotherapy can also be used in dealing with wart formations on the face. The freezing temperature is usually around -70 degree celcius and the procedure involves freezing the whole wart lesions  with liquid Nitrogen in the expectation that the freezing will destroy them and then they fall off. One of the dis-advantages of using this treatment method is that it may leave scars on the treated area.
Although the treatment its self may be less painful the many repeated applications can be time consuming.

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