Common Causes Behind Warts

Warts are mainly viral infections on the human skin caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Researchers and doctors have identified over 100 strains of HPV linked with different mucous membrane and skin problems and also modes of transmission. Not all types of HPV cause symptoms. Immune system of human will respond to HPV a bit differently. HPV has an incubation phase of 8 to10 months in human body. So you cannot identify the HPV virus in your body at pre phase. So it is more difficult to determine the particular causes of warts.
These strains of HPV given below have been recognized as common wart causes:
Types 1, 2, 4: related with plantar warts, originally found on the soles of the feet.
Types 2 and 7: associated with warts on the hands and fingers.
Types 3 and 10: these strains are linked to warts commonly found on kids. These are named flat warts give rise to reddish lesions on hands and face.
Types 6 and 11: linked to wart in the genital area.
Warts are mainly spread by man to man contact or by touching a infected object or surface, although the main reason behind wart is strain of HPV. Between 30 and 40 HPV strains are increased by sexual relation. When your skin is wet, rough or damaged, it is much easier to get the HPV strains on skin that are main wart causes. These viruses can be passed through contacts with shoes or towels. If your immune system is weak, then you may be more tending to get a wart.
The wart causing HPV strains can be increase to other parts of the infected body in the following ways:

  • Scratching or biting a wart infected man.
  • Sucking fingers.
  • Shaving legs or face.
  • Biting fingertips or fingernails.
  • Touching someone else’s wart.

Strains of HPV identified as common warts causes are normally not the HPV strains related with cancer. There are some HPV strains that have been associated with cervical cancer, which are not general wart causes such as HPV type 16, HPV type 18, HPV type 32 and HPV type 45. If you have been infected with a strain of HPV identified as one of the general cause of warts are not in risk of HPV related cancer.

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