Different Types Of Warts

Warts are a benign skin condition that affects many different parts of the body. They are caused by the HPV virus. This skin condition is highly contagious and mostly enters the body via broken skin. It is harmless and most of the types it disappears without treatments.
Warts affect many parts of the body. They are very common on the hands, fingers, forearms, knees, elbows and face. They can also occur on the nails. Warts are very common in parts of the body that are most susceptible to friction. Due to this, the larynx is not exempted from this skin condition. This skin condition appears in different ways on the skin. They can be flat or raised and dry or moist. Sometimes they may have the same color as your skin or can be slightly darker.
Plantar warts appear on the sole of the feet.  This skin condition can be easily confused with calluses because of the bumpy white lesions that appear on the skin. The difference is that they are soft to touch and sometimes bleed when trimmed. This skin condition rarely spreads to other parts of the body therefore only confined to the soles of the feet or under the toes.
Genital warts are another type of this skin condition. They normally appear on the anus, vagina, penis, scrotum and groin. They are usually smooth and watery. They range from pink to red in color. Warts generally can occur in clusters or as one. This is the same case with genital warts but they mostly occur in clusters. These are sexually transmitted and are very highly contagious. It is therefore advisable to maintain only one sexual partner to reduce chances of contacting this skin condition. All warts are benign but studies show that genital warts make changes in cervix and sort of put women at risk of cervical cancer.
Whatever the type of warts, there are different types of treatments that can work. Before treatment is administered there are several things considered. The doctor has to know the position of the wart, the severity and the size. Cryotherapy is one of the treatments for this skin condition. This involves use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart and the cells in the wart die. Laser treatments are also used. There are also natural remedies that you can try out.

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