Different Warts Removal Methods

Looking to remove warts? Here’s everything you need to know…
Skin problems come in different forms and affect everyone including children. Even physically healthy people can have skin problems. But help is readily available today. Advancement in technology aids in the unveiling of different methods in treating them. Common among these skin problems is warts.
The reality to this is that wart can grow anywhere on your body. Studies reveal that virus known as human papilloma virus is responsible for this skin condition. Noteworthy is their disappearance after two years, but new ones also develop nearby. There are plenty of ways to remove them including home remedies. This is true for common warts which need not require any treatment. Some may just even need you to apply salicylic acid or duct tape along with patience on your part to solve the problem. But, if they are causing discomfort and embarrassment, you may go for wart removal methods that promise quick results. Methods vary depending on the kind of warts you are suffering and for severe cases; dermatologist may suggest trying the succeeding approaches.
Freezing, better known as cryotherapy, uses liquid nitrogen in annihilating warts through freezing. The treatment is mildly painful yet effective although this may require repeated sessions. This works by forming a blister under and surrounding the warts. In a week, dead tissue marsh off and local anesthesia is necessary for bigger warts. Permanent nerve and nail bed damaged on the treated part is the risk of this method.
Another method is by the use of cantharidin. It is an extracted substance coming from blister beetles. Usually, it is combined with certain chemicals dyed on the skin and then covered with bandage. Application process is painless, but the ensuing skin blister might cause swelling and be uncomfortable. However, it serves a significant purpose. It raises the wart off from your skin so that the doctor can get the dead tissue.
Dermatologist may recommend surgery which involves cutting wart tissue away or destroying them by using electric needle. This method is known as curettage and electrodessication. Nevertheless, the anesthetic injection given beforehand could be painful and might leave scar after surgery.
Lastly, if the above methods prove to be ineffective in your case, then the last option would be laser surgery. This method is somewhat expensive and most likely leave scar.
It is better to discuss which method is best with your dermatologist before beginning any treatment.


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