Flat Warts – Causes And Prevention

Flat warts are also named as ‘plane warts’. The scientific name of this viral infected disease is ‘verruca plana’. Cases are flat, round, and smooth. This type of wart is smaller than other warts, ranging from 0.2-1 centimeter in size. They have a range of colors such as pink, light brown, skin colored, and yellow.
Flat warts are likely to grow in groups; you will rarely find a single flat wart in your body. They are usually grown on many places on the body such as arms, face, hands, neck, and forehead. Teenagers and children are more likely to get flat warts than old people. That is why they are sometimes called the ‘juvenile wart’.
Flat warts are harmless. They are usually painless unless they have been irritated by rubbing, clothing or chafing. They can be spread easily, that is why the verruca plana treatment should begin as fast as the warts are found.
Flat wart causes
Like all types of wart, flat warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Over 100 different strains of HPV give rise to various warts. HPV 3, HPV 10, HPV 28, and HPV 49 strains are the main causes of producing a flat wart.
These strains of HPV are particularly contagious. HPV strains spread person to person by direct contact or by touching infected towels, shoes, clothes etc. Scratches and scrapes provide the HPV strains with easy access to human immune system. For this reason, men and women are more tend to get this condition in areas where they shave their hand, legs and beards.
A line of flat warts sometimes develops along a scratch. It is a slow growing disease that is why it takes several months to expose. Flat warts can also affect the anal or genital area through sexual contact.
Flat warts can move in a few months without any treatment, but difficult cases can take up to few years. To get rid of the condition more quickly, many use salicylic acid to dissolve the wart infected skin. You can also try wrapping them in canal tape. Self treatment is prohibited for neck and face areas.
If you have any flat wart that causes pain or bleeding then you should consult a physician. Doctors can treat them in various ways, like:

  • Applying chemical like cantharidin.
  • Pulsing laser.
  • Freezing with liquid nitrogen.
  • Burning with an electric needle.


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