Flat Warts

Wart is a condition which affects the skin, flat warts is a type of wart which affect mainly teenagers and children. For that reason flat wart is also called juvenile wart. Juvenile because it affects those who are not yet fully matured. They are really small – the size of a pinhead, and they have a flat top. Many of these warts may be in one place, as many as one hundred of them. The bear the same color as the skin of the patient. The most common regions for flat warts are the forehead and face, but they can also develop on the hands, arms and neck.
It is presumed that warts are caused by viruses. The specific causative agent for flat warts is the papilloma virus (HPV). Currently, more than 100 different strains of this virus have been identified. The virus is itself highly contagious. The virus is transmitted through personal contact, or by touching objects which have been infected by the virus. Generally the virus thrives in a warm and moist location, which is why they love the human skin and the mucosal surfaces.
For a one to tell if they have been infected by the virus leading up to flat warts can take a year. This is because the warts grow very slowly. It is also very difficult to tell the exact point of original infection. The warts lead to scratches, and in some cases they develop around the areas where there is frequent shaving such as men’s faces and women’s legs. These warts occur many in one place. Very rarely will a person have a flat wart all alone in one location. The warts themselves are not painful, but it may be painful if they are located in areas which are usually under constant pressure or areas where the warts are constantly bumped. They are benign, and the biggest problem of people with warts is the embarrassment that comes with having warts.
There are many ways of removing flat warts. The most recommended way will be to get a dermatologist diagnose the wart and perform cauterization procedure. Cauterization process is simply the removal of the warts using a heated instrument. Other ways of removing warts include the use of herbal remedies. The remedies are naturally occurring. The downside to the use of herbs is that they take a long time. The final method, which is also the least recommended, is to personally remove the warts without professional help.

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