Genital Warts In Men

Genital warts  are caused by the same virus that causes warts. The virus is called human papillomavirus.  It  affects the genital region of and the anal region of the man. In case the man practices oral sex too, he may have the infection in his mouth and his throats. This article will reveal more information to you on the diagnosis and possible treatment of genital warts in men.
It may not be an entirely easy thing to diagnose genital warts in men. There may be need for the doctor to carry out some special kinds of tests in order to be able to carry out the diagnosis. The most common symptom of the condition is associated with the penis and the penal region of the man.
Genital warts in men do come with various forms of symptoms and signs. They appear differently in different people. The color of the warts may sometimes have the color of the skin or it may come with a reddish kind of color. There are some that are also pinkish in colour. They can come in flat form and they can also come in raised form.  There are some that are rough in appearance and there are some other ones that are smooth in appearance. The appearance of the infection largely depends on the individual affected.
To properly diagnose genital warts in men, there may be need to carry out what is called biopsy. It is a method which requires the testing of a tissue sample from the affected area in the laboratory to detect the presence of warts.
5% Acetic acid can also be applied to the suspected area for up to five minutes. If the acetic acid turns white, it is an indication of the presence of warts.
The male suffering from genital warts may experience all sort of symptoms. There may be consistent bleeding and there may be itching at the area affected. The bleeding occurs if the warts are in the urethral.
It is possible to treat the infection through any of the other methods available for the treatment of any kind of warts for that matter.  Some of the herbal substances that can be used in treatment are tea tree oil, castor oil, apple cedar vinegar or any other kind of vinegar.  There are also other homeopathic treatments for getting rid of the infection.


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