Genital Warts Removal Methods

Warts are small rough growths that appear on the skin of several body parts. These lesions are contagious hence when you touch someone with a wart, then you are likely to get it especially when you have open skin somewhere maybe from a scratch or a cut. They are normally caused by viral infections.
There are different types of wart. There is the common wart, flat wart, mosaic warts, genital warts and filiform warts. All these types affect different places and the most common are the hands and soles of the feet. They can also appear on the face, neck and elbows.
Genital warts appear on the genitalia. These are mainly contacted during sexual acts with someone who has genital warts. People with multiple sexual partners are more likely to contact this skin condition and the same people enhance the quick spread of warts by having many sexual partners who will infect others and the cycle continues. Genital warts are mostly spread during anal and vaginal sex. There have been rare occurrences of people contacting genital warts after oral sex with infected partners. As much as they are contagious, you cannot get genital warts from warts of other body parts like the hands and feet.
Genital warts can be removed through painting. Painting is a treatment that involves painting a brown liquid known as podophyllin on the affected area. This method is suitable for most people apart from pregnant women. Cryotherapy is also used on genital warts. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on the warts and the warts freeze. This helps in getting rid of the visible warts and reducing the amount of the virus.
Lasers are intense lights that are used to treat genital warts. Lasers are strong enough and they destroy the warts. They are very effective and preferred by many. However, laser treatments are expensive.
There are many home remedies for skin conditions and warts being a type of skin conditions too, people will think that it is okay to look for home remedies. You should never ever try to treat genital warts at home and especially by yourself. Genitalia are very delicate parts of the human body and you should be extra careful with them.
In conclusion, in order to prevent genital warts, ensure that a condom is used at all times during sexual intercourse to reduce chances of catching this skin condition. You should also avoid sharing towels and inner wears to be safe.

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