How Do I Know It Is A Wart?

How Do I Know It Is Warts?
Are you having this unknown growth on your skin and you can’t really place it? You have consulted with some individuals and they are telling you that it looks like warts; but you are not actually sure if it is wart or not. You do not need to remain in this confused state anymore; this simple write up will open your eyes to easy ways by which you will be able to recognize a wart when you see one.
Any general appearance
Warts look like skin lesion and the way they look is determined by the part of the body on which they appear. Warts can appear on the genitals and they can appear on the feet. They have also been discovered on the face, the legs and even the toe.  The genera appearance of the one on the face is not the same as that of the one of the feet.
Warts are also supplied by blood vessels from the body’s own circulation. This brings about the presence of blood vessels right there at the center of the wart; the tiny blood vessels tend to look like dark spots in the middle of the wart
Various colors of warts
The appearance of warts does vary. The color too varies greatly; depending on the part of the body on which the wart is found. The one that appears on the hand generally has a gray-brown color. There are times too that warts will be brown in color. When the wart grows on your leg, face or arm, it tends to have pink or brown color. The one that grows on the nose or the mouth tend to have the same color as that of the skin in that area.
The situation above makes it rather challenging for one to easily identify warts. But if you notice anything that looks like the description given above on any part of your skin, you should suspect wart and look for a way to get it removed immediately.
Another way to identify warts is that the skins around the area where they grow tend to look rather roughened and distorted. When warts grow on the sole of the feet, one may feel this strong pain and not be able to walk about easily. While walking, the affected person will feel like he is stepping on pebbles.  The best way to identify if what you have is wart or not is to visit the hospital.

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