How Do You Get Warts?

Warts are harmless growths that are found on the outer surface of the skin. They are caused by a virus known as the human papillomavirus also known as HPV. This virus causes the cells that are located on the outer layer of the skin to multiply rapidly and result in a wart. The virus is commonly found in many places and each one of us has to come across it at some point in life. It can be found on doorknobs, computer keyboards, support rails, car door handles or other objects that are frequently touched by people.

Warts are spread with the exposure of the skin to the human papillomavirus. The virus can be spread by direct skin to skin contact or through the sharing of personal effects like towels with a person who is infected. Handshakes and other activities that cause skin contact are the leading cause of the spread of this virus. The human papillomavirus occurs in many forms, each causing a specific type of warts.
If it is true that everyone has to come across the virus at some point in life, then one may ask why it is that some people get warts easily when compared to others. This is because some people are more prone to the warts than others. This can be explained by the fact some people have stronger immune systems than others. A good example is the immune system of children which is weaker than that of elder people. Genetics is also believed to play a part in the vulnerability of individuals to warts.
Warts are believed to occur easily if the virus contacts the skin at a part where the skin is open. It is therefore important to ensure that the skin is covered on all the areas that are exposed. The prevention of warts is generally done by reducing the times that the skin gets in contact with the HPV. This is achieved by ensuring high standards of cleanliness especially on the hands. Regular thorough hand washing will ensure that the virus is removed as soon as it reaches the body. Use of a disinfectant improves the effect of the washing.
It is advisable that the wart is treated as soon as it is seen since it is proven that treatment works best when done in the early stages of development of the wart. There are many drugs that work well in the removal of warts. In addition, there are other home remedies that can also be used in the removal.

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