How Effective Is Duct Tape In Removing Warts?

There is this general understanding that duct tape can be used to treat warts. Many people have used it with very good results. You only need to place the duct tape on the wart and leave it for a few days. Some people have even claimed that it is the easiest method of treating warts. It does not require any other kind of chemical or substance. Just place the duct tape on the wart and you just sit around waiting for a positive result.
Duct tape has a suffocating effect on the wart.  When it is placed on warts, it prevents any kind of air from getting to them. This suffocation will lead to the death and blistering of the infection. It can then be removed, at which point the dead wart will come off with it.
After covering the warts for a number of days with the duct tape, there is the stimulation of irritation on the skin surface. This irritation will stimulate the immune system of the body to attack the warts and get it removed.
Since 2002, the use of duct tape for the treatment of warts had been well accepted. Before then, it was discovered to be able to treat warts in both children and young adults. The use of duct tape had never been associated with any kind of side effect since it had been in use till now. The only problem is that scars may be left on the skin area that is affected.
The use of duct tape had not actually been as successful as it had been acclaimed. It is true that it had been helpful in some cases, but the truth remains that it had not been so wonderful in most cases. The use of duct tape for the treatment of warts has roughly a 20% rate of success.  The effect it has on the treatment of the infection is not so different from the effects that other methods like the use of cotton tape and mole skin had on the treatment of the condition.
The transparent form of duct tape is not as effective as the grey type. It is therefore better to go for the grey type for the treatment of warts.

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