How To Get Rid Of Warts Easily

Warts, scientifically termed as ‘Verruca’, are mainly caused by HPV viral infection. They look like solid blisters and can occur on the knees, hands, legs, face, neck, soles of the feet, anal, or the genitals. They are mainly divided into six types- flat, common, mosaic, plantar, digitate, and genital warts. Various treatments, both surgical and natural, have been originated for the removal of warts. There are some useful tips given below to get rid of warts quickly.
Tips to get rid of warts

  • Duct tape is usually used as a removal treatment. Place a small piece of duct tape on the wart area for six days. Soak the warts affected area in warm water and crumb it with a pumice stone. This treatment will remove them swiftly.
  • Dandelion is an aromatic plant used for the treatment of warts. The milk collected from the end of the herb is highly effective in removing warts. Apply the milk on the warts twice a day. After one week, you will see the warts slowly reducing in size.
  • The fig juice is especially effective in removing warts. Apply few drops of fig juice on the warts. Do this treatment at least 3 times a day, on a regular basis.
  • Squeeze out the juice of marigold leaves and apply it on the warts area for few days. This is effective herbal treatment for warts.
  • Massage the warts affected area with few drops of castor oil before going for sleep at night. The castor oil toils on the warts throughout the night, to destroy them effectively.
  • Place the clove of slice garlic on the warts area, before going to bed. Apply this procedure for about seven days to get the effective result.
  • Make use of potatoes for removing warts. Slice a potato and place it on the affected area. You can also squeeze out the potato juice and then apply. Continue these procedures for few days to get better result.
  • Cryosurgery is an effective treatment recommended for the warts removal. Consider the sternness of warts, before going for the surgery. Consult a surgeon for the purpose.
  • Wart removal medicines are available on the market. Choose those products, which contain salicylic acid or Aloe Vera as the key ingredient.


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