How To Get Rid Of Your Warts

There are several ways of getting rid of warts, but it should be noted that warts are not as easy as some other skin problems such as skin tags which can be easily taken care off with the use of  some home remedies, warts are viral in nature, and the HPV strain that causes warts has been found to be very invasive on the skin and as such may be very difficult to handle. Most of the medical procedures used in the removal of warts often accompany some discomforts and may also come with some side effects which may be easy or difficult to deal with. Genital warts are the ones that seem to be the most difficult to handle or get rid of.
Most warts can go on their own even without any form of treatment, this may take a long time and only if you can withstand the pains that accompany such wart infections  Over-the-counter medications are often used to get rid of warts at home. The most popular OTC drugs for warts are di-methyl-ether, propane, and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is used to burn off the wart growth . Most of these OTC drugs come in gel, pad, liquid and spray. You must not use OTC medications to get rid of facial or genital warts as these agents are believed to be too harsh on these sensitive parts of the body.
There are several Home remedies that can also be used in getting rid of warts. Commonest ones include ; Garlic, duct tape, Vinegar, Vitamin C , Banana or lemon peel, and Dandelion sap , among several others. You need to note that Home treatments may not be able to remove the most aggressive forms of warts , however a growing wart can be easily removed with some of these home remedies.
If you have dandelion sap in your backyard, you can simply get some and break the stems and just allow the sap to drip on your wart infection, you will notice an impressive improvement after some days.  Though the sap will mildly irritate the skin it will improve your body’s immune system and that will help you get rid of the warts infection naturally without the use of medication. Home treatments for warts should be discussed with a physician to avoid any serious complications on the skin.

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