How To Treat Female Warts

Warts are a type of skin conditions. These tumors that appear on the skin are very contagious and are caused by viral infections. There are several types of warts and they affect different body parts.
Mosaic warts are plantar-type warts common on the soles of the feet and the hands. These warts are usually in a group where they are tightly clustered. Common warts are normally raised with a roughened surface. This type of warts is very common on the hands but it can also appear on other body parts. Plantar wart normally attacks pressure points of the body like the sole of the feet. This type of warts is hard and is sometimes a painful lump and it has multiple black specks in the center at most times.
Other than the mentioned types of warts, there are genital warts. Genital warts appear on the genitals and that includes even the anus in some cases. Genital warts affect both the males and females.
Female genital warts are spread mainly through sexual means. They can be grey, reddish or pinkish. They appear on the vagina, the area between the external genitals and the anus, the vulva and the anus too. In some cases, female warts have affected the uterus.
Treating female warts is easy as there are many treatments for this skin condition. Castor oil is a natural remedy for female warts. This oil is rubbed on the lesions before you get to bed then you wash it out in the morning. Apple cider vinegar is used just the same way as castor oil. This treatment however causes a burning effect and you can opt to use it for 30 minutes thrice daily instead of sleeping with it.  The burning effect caused by apple cider vinegar makes it very efficient for warts and within a few hours after applying it, you will realize a change on the lesions.  People who have small lesion shave reported to have had the warts disappear in less than 10 days.
A doctor can also treat female warts via surgery. There is laser therapy, electocautery, cryosurgery and surgical excision. All these are only performed by trained medical personnel. Your doctor will be in a better position to know what suits you best.
In conclusion, ensure that you practice safe sex to prevent getting female genital warts. You should also be faithful by avoiding multiple sexual partners.

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