How To Treat Warts On Penis

Warts are small rough growths that appear on some body parts. They are non cancerous highly contagious lesions that appear on the skin. The most common areas where the infection appears are the hands and feet but they are likely to appear in other body parts like the face, neck, elbows and lips. Warts are usually caused by a viral infection and can get into the body through open cuts and scratches. They are not curable but go away with time however can reappear after a few years.
There are many different types of warts. Genital warts appear on both males and females. Male warts mainly affect the penis and this gives the man cause for worry. However, there are treatments for this condition.
Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on warts to ease them. The liquid nitrogen freezes the warts. This does not require a special room and in most cases, the doctor does this in the office. This method is called cryotherapy. The doctor can also use electric current to burn off warts on the penis in a process known as electrocautery. Laser treatments are used where beams of light are used to treat the warts. Lasers are very effective but expensive and most people use it as the last option when everything else has not worked.
Antiviral medications are given to work on the virus in your body. Its effects are eased and the warts disappear. Trichloracetic acid is also applied on the warts to ease the situation. It is not good to cut off warts all by yourself. The doctors are well trained on this and they will cut the warts off professionally to avoid complications.
Before any of the above treatments are decided on, the doctor considers the location of the warts, their size and number. Expenses and risks are also understood before a patient goes through any of the above treatments for warts on the penis.
In conclusion, you should note that there is no cure for male genital warts but the available treatments will help reduce their appearances and disappear. The virus will remain in the body and warts are likely to resurface after sometime. The main aim of treating warts is ease physical discomfort that comes with warts and avoid the passing of the virus form one person to the other. Practice safe sex and stick to one sexual partner.

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