How To Treat Warts On The Feet

Warts are small rough growths that appear on the skin. These tumors are usually benign and they are caused via a viral infection. The virus usually enters the body when there are cuts or cracks on the skin. Warts are not curable but they can be made to disappear. The virus stays in your body and it can reappear after some years.
Warts affect several body parts like the face, hands, elbow, genitalia and also the feet. The feet are very likely to have warts as they are areas that are exposed to frequent pressures.
Warts on the feet are not always painful but are very annoying in most cases. There are numerous remedies for removing warts. Some are home remedies while others are performed by a medical professional.
After bathing, always ensure that you thoroughly wipe the area between your toes and generally your feet to keep the feet in good healthy conditions. Feet are likely to sweat especially when you wear closed shoes. You should ensure that you wear absorbent socks and if you happen to sweat a lot, change your socks at least once a day. Salty water is usually good for the feet. Every night, soak your feet in highly saturated warm salty water. As you wear your shoes, Sprinkle in them some powder to ensure that sweat is absorbed and the feet do not stink. Bad feet conditions worsen warts and therefore you should ensure that you buy shoes made of porous materials like leather to allow aeration to your feet.
There are commercial treatments that you can use on the warts. There are ointments and solutions that have been made specifically for warts. Salicylic acid pads are also remedies for warts on the feet. Make sure that you follow the instructions on commercial treatments carefully and understand them. If you are not comfortable, always feel free to see a doctor. As much as there are self treatments for warts, diabetics should never use these treatments. Such people need a doctor’s advice. People with immunological, circulatory and neurological diseases should also non treat themselves. A doctor will remove the warts on the feet with lasers or cryotherapy. Remember that warts should never be cut off.
In conclusion, prevention is better that cure. Ensure that you prevent getting warts by not walking barefoot especially on public places where you can easily get infested like public showers. Always wear slippers.

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