How Warts Is Transmitted

Warts is one of the infections that are contagious. They are easily transmitted from the affected person to someone who is not affected. There are several means through which warts can be transmitted. Some of these means will be discussed in this article. I expect this to get you educated and enlightened on how to avoid contacting warts.
Direct sexual contact
This is one of the ways by which warts can transmitted from one person to the other. A male will develop warts on the penis while a female will develop warts on the vagina. Both of them usually have warts on the anal area. Any sexual activity between an infected person and an uninfected person will easily lead to the transmission of the warts between the two of them.
Through sex toys
It is also possible for someone to get infected with warts through sex toys. If it happens that an infected person had made use of the sex toy without cleaning it, any other person that uses it after the infected person will easily contact warts.
Direct skin contact
The virus responsible for warts only require direct skin contact before the other person can contact it. If an infected person touches an uninfected person, there is a great chance of the other person getting infected immediately.  Warts may release some of the pus in them and the pus may come in contact with another person who is in close proximity with the infected person. The pus of course will contain the human papillomavirus, which will then begin to develop on the erstwhile uninfected person.
Sharing of clothing
You can also contact warts without having direct contact with the effected person. When you make use of a material previously used by an infected person, you too will easily pick up the warts. Such materials include clothing and towel. You my develop genital warts if you use the towel to wipe your private part. It is therefore important for you to make use of your personal towel alone.
Mother to child transmission
A mother can easily infect the child during pregnancy and during child labor. This usually happens during par-vaginal delivery. In order to prevent this possibility, a mother infected with warts should be taken through caesarian section.
Risk factors
Having multiple sex partners can lead to warts transmission. Rape too has a way of opening up the door to warts transmission; especially if the rapist has genital warts.

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