How You Can Contract Warts

Warts are common occurrences. They can affect any part of the body and can also affect any age group. Both male and female too can be affected. There are up to one hundred different strains of warts. Some of these strains lead to genital warts and the other strains are associated with different parts of the body.
Warts are highly contagious. This is leading to the increase in the number of people that are getting infected on daily basis. Daily, about 1 million individuals are diagnosed of warts. The truth about warts is that anyone can easily be infected through an already infected person.  There are several ways by which one contact warts. Some of the means are discussed below.
Sexual intercourse
Genital warts affect the penis of the male and the vagina of the female. It can also be found around the anus. You can easily contact warts through sexual intercourse with an infected person. Sexual intercourse requires a form of physical contact with other parts of the body of the affected person.  This is to say that other forms of warts can also be contacted during sexual intercourse.  The risk of getting genital warts can however be reduced by the use of condom. This will however not totally eradicate the possibility o contacting it.
Physical contact
You can also contact warts through physical contact with an infected person. Any kind of contact whatsoever can led to this. An ordinary handshake or even a hug may be all that you need to contact it from an infected person.  The human papillomavirus that causes the warts is localized on the surface of the skin of the affected person. The virus may get released from within the warts and remain on the surface. Any contact with the affected skin will therefore lead to the transfer of the virus to the erstwhile uninfected person.
Sharing of clothing
You can contact warts if you share anything like clothing, towels, and other materials with an infected person. The warts will already be on the clothing of an infected person and any contact with it will get you infected.
You may not contact warts by sharing toilet with an infected person. Using the same plate as an infected person after it had been washed too will not give you warts.  You can also use the same kitchen successfully with an infected person without the fear of getting infected.

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