HPV Warts

HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) is a type of virus that is normally spread through sexual contact which causes warts. This virus is liable for the majority of genital warts. It is predictable that 50 percent of men and women will catch HPV at some stage in their lives. HPV warts are non-cancerous growths on human skin, caused by viral infection. The types of warts depend on the strains of HPV, and the place of primary contact with the infection. HPV warts are mainly harmless and painless. Types of HPV warts include: Flat warts, plantar warts, Common warts, Genital warts, and Oral warts. Most people infected with HPV virus never get any wart because of their overpowered immune system.
Surgical treatments
The quickest way to get rid of HPV warts is through surgery. HPV warts have similar surgical options like any other type of warts. This is the best option for large HPV warts if other methods of remedy have been unsuccessful. Another surgical alternative is cryosurgery. In this treatment liquid nitrogen or some other compound is used to freeze the wart and produce a blister.
Creams and ointments
Many physicians will prescribe various ointments or creams. Most of the creams are prescribed specially for genital warts. Imiquimod works to stimulate the body’s immune system. Other ointments work to prevent the wart from growing. Many of these creams and ointments contain substances that can irritate and burn the skin.
Homeopathy treatments
Homeopathy treatments are well known for its advanced biotechnological ‘Nosode’ principle. HPV Nosodes are bioenergetics marks of the HPV virus. Homeopathy manages human body with Nosodes of the strains of the virus, which cause HPV warts. The warts will go away if human body can built immunity.
Ayurvedic Herbal treatments
Ayurvedic has very effective natural remedies for HPV warts. These include both local purpose creams to destroy the virus from the affected area, and oral remedies that work to strengthen human immune system. Ayurvedic herbs and plants are safe alternatives to antibiotics and surgical procedures.
Modern HPV treatment has seen a mixing of natural remedies that jointly, increase immunity, increase cellular defense mechanisms, and oxygenate cells. These cures also directly target symptoms like lesions, warts, precancerous and cervical dysplasia. You need to get the immune system, in order to get rid of HPV warts eternally.

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