Is Warts Hereditary?

Warts is a form of infection that is caused by the human papillomavirus. There are up to one hundred different strains of this particular virus that had been implicated in causing warts. Some result into ordinary type of warts while some other ones had been known to result into genital warts. The strain that can lead to genital warts had never been able to cause the ordinary type of warts and vice versa.
Several individuals are of the opinion that warts are hereditary. But the truth of the matter is that there is nothing hereditary about warts. This is because warts only affected the surface of the skin and they never go deep down into the body system. They therefore lack the capability to lead to any hereditary infection.  If an affected parent is able to treat warts infection appropriately, there e is no way such a parent will be able to transfer the warts infection to any of his or her offspring.
As it had been described above, warts are not hereditary. They can only be transmitted from one person to the other; provided the uninfected person comes in contact with an infected person. Sharing of other materials like clothing, towel, tooth brush and some other personal stuff can also lead to the spread of warts from one person to the other.
The only way b y which an offspring can get warts from the parent is through mother to child transmission. This only happens if an infected mother becomes pregnant and gives birth. During labor, the baby stands very good chance of getting infected since it will have to pass through the vagina that is already contaminated with genital warts.
This can however be prevented if the mother is taken through what is called caesarian section. She will never have to go through child labor. The mother can as well get the warts treated before she begins to experience labor. If she can get healed before delivery, there is no way by which she will infect the child.
If you have been having the understanding that warts are hereditary, I am of the opinion that you now know better. It can only be transmitted from one person to the other either through sexual intercourse or direct contact. The infection is only found on the surface of the skin and it therefore has no link with heredity.

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