Male Genital Warts

Warts are growths on the skin and other body regions that are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus is also known to cause cervical cancer in women. There are different types of warts depending on where they form and how the form. There are plantar warts and common warts along with a number of others.
HPV is commonly reported in women but it is important to note that men suffer from HPV as well. With the growing cases of women suffering from the virus, it is more than likely that men are becoming infected as well based on sexual statistics.
It has been noted that some cases of HPV in men lead to penile or anal cancer though these situations are rare. The risk for getting the virus is much higher in men who are gay and bisexual as compared to men who are straight. It has been shown that it is possible that there is a small percentage in a man’s life that he is likely to contract the virus, especially if he is sexually active.
When it comes to the symptoms of this virus, they are less common when it comes to the strain that can cause cancer. However, genital warts will appear on in and around the genital region if a man contracts that particular strain of the virus. Genital warts will generally look like small bumps on the head of the penis, or around the genital region. The bumps may look somewhat like cauliflower and there may be accompanying itching and discomfort can be felt especially when relieving oneself.
The warts will appear on the penis, around the anus and in the region between the scrotum and the penis. The most common way in which this virus is spread is through sexual contact with an infected partner. It is also possible for one to be infected with the virus for several months but not show any signs or symptoms.
A lot of people are also interested in knowing if this virus and male genital warts can be prevented. It is very possible to prevent oneself from getting the virus and the best option would be to abstain from sex or stick to just one sexual partner. Another common way of preventing the virus is by wearing a condom with each sexual act. However, this method is not entirely effective as there is still a small possibility of a man contracting the virus.

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