Natural Remedies For Warts

Warts are a condition that affects the skin. It is characterized by small rough lesions on the body that do not look nice at all. They are mostly harmless but highly contagious. They are caused by viral infection and when you touch someone who has them, the virus gets into the body via broken skin. This skin condition is therefore easily spread and so you should avoid getting in contact with the lesions and also sharing personal effects with someone who has warts.
Treating warts is not necessary as this skin condition normally disappears by itself in about two years. However, it may reappear. Most people who seek treatment for this skin condition for purely cosmetic reasons. There are different remedies for this skin condition. Some are clinical treatments while other are home treatments or rather, natural treatments.
Aloe Vera is universally known as the best natural remedy for any skin condition. Everyone picks on aloe Vera as the first choice when having any skin problem. Aloe Vera works best on the skin when the juice is directly applied to the warts. It works by dissolving them and even better-tone the skin.
Papaya is a good fruit for digestion and also very effective on warts. Ensure that your skin is clean while using this remedy for better results. Apply fresh papaya juice on the wart at least twice a day and leave it to dry. Papaya contains enzymes that digest the warts and dissolve them in a safe manner. Other natural remedies that work the same way as papaya are figs, pineapple and banana peels.
Milkweed is more than a weed. This weed has been proven to ease this skin condition. The milky sap of the leaf or even the stem is applied directly on the warts. This is done once daily preferably after a good shower and the milky sap has to be fresh.
Garlic and onions are good sources of amino-acids. These amino acids contain sulfur and it is very crucial for treating this skin condition. Ensure that you increase your intake of these substances to keep off warts.
Natural remedies are the best way to go for many reasons. Though it may take a long time to heal, these natural remedies have no side effects. They are cheap to acquire and therefore no one has a reason to not having access to remedies for this skin condition.

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