Natural Treatments For Warts

Warts are caused by a virus referred to as human papillomavirus. It gives several symptoms on the affected person. Spots begin to appear all over the body and there is rarely any part of the skin that is sparred of the spots. Itching and bleeding are common symptoms that had been associated with warts. Several treatment methods had also been discovered for warts. Some people make use of several drugs while some make use of one form of natural treatment method or the other. Through this article, I will open your eyes to the different types of substances that can be used for natural warts removal.
Natural resolution
You can decide to allow your warts to resolve on its own without making use of any kind of drug or natural treatment whatsoever. If left alone, some forms of warts will disappear on their own after about two to three months. The truth however is that not all kinds of warts can be naturally resolved in this manner.
You can decide to burn your warts in an effort to get rid of it. All you need to do is to set fire to a match stick. Allow the fire to go off leaving the amber. You can then apply the heated amber to the surface of the warts. This helps to burn the warts and get it removed. It may be somewhat painful, but you will have to endure the pain.
Banana peels
You can also decide to make use of banana peels in an attempt to get rid of warts. Get fresh banana peels and cut them into little squares. Store them in the refrigerator to keep them from getting spoilt. You only need to place one banana peel on the wart and apply a pad on top of it. Leave it on for as long as the warts remain in place. You should not allow the peel to be separated at all. In case the banana peel gets removed before the warts are gone, you can place another one on the warts.
Salicylic acid
You must have herd of the use of salicylic acid in the treatment of warts. You may have to apply the salicylic acid consistently for several weeks before you will begin to notice changes in the appearance of things. After about a month of consistent application, you may be able to easily file off the remnant of the warts from your skin.

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