Natural Treatments For Warts

There are several things you can do to treat your warts naturally. These simple natural treatments can be carried out in the home and they can be done by the use of very simple techniques that you will not need the help of any dermatologist to get done. This article will expose some of the natural treatments to you.
Apple cider vinegar
Those who make use of this method of natural warts treatment had come to the conclusion that it is the most effective natural treatment method for this condition.  All you need is the apple cider vinegar and cotton balls. Dip the cotton ball into the substance and apply it to the surface of the infected areas.  Leave it there and place a band aid on it to keep the soaked cotton balls in place. You will have to leave it until the warts are no more on the skin. If it falls off before the infection is gone, Replace with another cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar
Duct tape
It is a very easy method of getting rid of warts in a natural way.  It can make the lumps become itchy; it is however a very fast way to get rid of the warts. Within a week, the warts should be gone. You only need to place the duct tape directly on the warts to get things done.
Any kind of vinegar
It is not only the apple cider vinegar that can be used in the natural treatment of warts. Any kind of vinegar too can be used.  Soak a Q-tip inside any vinegar. You can then apply the soaked Q-tip on the warts and cover things up with a band aid. You will have to leave the q-tip on the warts until it is no more there. In case it falls off, you will only need to replace it until the warts is no more.
Banana peels
Banana peels too can be used in treating warts. You only need to cut the banana peels in to small sizes and keep them in the fridge or freezer for preservation.  When you have warts, place one of the banana peels on the warts and secure it with band aid.  You will however need to make a daily change of the banana peels until you have gotten rid of the infection.
Garlic too can be applied to the surface of warts to help get rid of it.  You can apply it in the same manner with the banana peals.


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