Natural Warts Removal Methods

Natural Warts Removal Methods
Living a healthy lifestyle presents many benefits. For one thing, it gives you a better outlook in life given that you do not suffer less from illness. Moreover, it increases your self-esteem and how you deal with others. And take note, it is immediately noticed on your glowing skin.
Common skin problem that concerns most people are warts. These are rough growth due to HPV strains.  Warts are ugly and can hinder normal function. Yet, your worries are addressed due to the abundance of treatments and medical procedures available today. Many profess that treatment done by medical professionals are the most effective. To some point, this is true but natural ways are also available in treating them. Consider some of them.
Vitamin A supplementation proves to be effective in removing them by directly placing them over the wart. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this is not an overnight treatment. This may take a month or more to see best results. It takes several months for plantar warts to be cured. Moreover, you also try treating them with Vitamin E oil.
Duct tape is also used in removing warts naturally. Though it sounds unusual, but it has been proven to help in the removal process. Cut a duct tape a bit larger enough to cover the wart and let them in place for seven days. The skin under absorbs the moist and once you peel them off, skin comes with it. Do this over and over again till the wart has banished.
Nourish the warts with castor oil. Some even mix it with baking soda, thus creating a paste which is directly applied onto the warts. Then, cover them with tape. It is said that this method works well with cider vinegar of apple, lemon soaked, banana peel and slices of raw potato. In fact, placing the banana peel on plantar wart then taping it is said to be very effective remedy for painful warts.
You can go for over-the-counter medicines. Ointments, creams and oils are said to help in drying, dissolving and removing warts. In fact, salicylic acid is popularly used as wart removal. Also, Echinacea is reported to be effective immune booster that targets the virus causing warts.
Lastly, the best natural treatment is protection. Since they are caused by virus, meaning you have to follow some precautions similar to keeping yourself from catching cold. Warts flourish in moist environment, so be careful in avoiding them. As possible, do not touch warts because you might be an accomplice of spreading them.
Remember, what seems to be effective for others may not be the same to you. With this, you may need to experiment before you ascertain what works well for you.

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