Over The Counter Wart Remover

In order to get rid of a wart, you may not have to spend every dime that you have in the whole wide world. At times, you don’t need to visit the hospital to get the skin condition removed from your skin. In case you are fed up with having this skin condition and you want to get it removed, you can always make use of any of the over the counter materials available to get rid of it. This simple write up will open your eyes to some of those over the counter products that can help you to remove warts without delay.
Buy liquid nitrogen
In order to remove a wart effectively from your skin, you can make use of liquid nitrogen. It is very possible to get the liquid nitrogen to buy at the drug stores that are all over the place. When buying the liquid nitrogen, make sure you buy some cotton wool along with it. Take some time to wash the surface of the skin condition and add some liquid nitrogen to the cotton wool. Use this wet cotton wool to swab the surface of the warts.  This application will get the skin condition removed within a short period of time.
Try medicated bandage
Medicated bandage too can be very helpful in removing a wart from the skin. It is very easy to buy the medicated bandage at any of the drug stores around.  You only need to wash the surface of the skin condition well before you use the bandage to wrap it. The medicated bandage is treated with substance that can get rid of the skin condition. Before you can ever hope for good result when you make use of this method, you need to apply the bandage for some times. But you can be sure that the warts will leave your skin very painlessly.
Salicylic acid
Salicylic acid too can be very helpful for the removal of warts.  It can also be bought over the counter. First of all wash the surface of the skin condition and rub it with emery board before you apply the salicylic acid. After the application, cover the whole thing up with bandage. It takes some months before this method can help you with the removal of warts.  But you also need to ensure consistent application to get good result from it. Make sure you carry out the application every day.

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