Over The Counter Warts Treatment

Warts are harmless hard growths that are normally found on the outer surface of the skin. These growths are not associated with any pain or itchiness. The only discomfort that is brought about by the growths is the not so attractive appearance on the skin surface. Warts are caused by exposure of the skin to a virus known as the human papillomavirus. Sometimes this virus is referred to as HPV. The virus, after being exposed to the skin causes the cells that are located on the outer layer of the skin to multiply rapidly and end up in the growth.

Warts spread from one person to another either through direct skin to skin contact or through the sharing of personal effects like towels or other pieces of clothing that come to direct contact with the skin. Some people are more prone to warts than others because of differences in the immune systems or the genetic makeup. Since the warts are highly infectious, it is important to ensure that once the warts are seen, the area is treated with as much caution as necessary. This is because each of the warts has a capability of spreading the virus to other parts of the body. Frequent thorough hand washes are advised in such a situation. The hand washes will ensure that the skin is clean and any of the human papillomavirus that was alive on the skin surface is killed. Where possible, it is advisable that the cleaning is done using a disinfectant that will kill the viruses.

Experts have proven that treatment is more effective when done in the early stages of the infection. Therefore, it is important to ensure that measures are taken to remove the wart as soon as it is seen on the skin surface. This will increase the chances of success of the treatment and at the same time will reduce the duration of treatment.

There are quite a number of over the counter methods that can be used to effectively remove warts from the skin surface. The most effective over the counter wart removal method is the use of concentrated salicylic acid. This acid gradually removes the wart completely from the skin though it takes slightly more time. Another advantage of the acid is that it does not damage the skin like other over the counter wart treatment methods like hydrogen peroxide or mercurochrome.


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