Overview Of Hand Warts

The virus that is responsible for causing warts is called HPV. It had been able to affect more than 40 million individuals in the United States alone. Up to 1 million individuals too are diagnosed of this infection on yearly basis. There is no age group or sex that is spared from warts. They can grow on nay part of the body. They can also grow on the hands.  The virus responsible for virus in any part of the body is also the one that had been implicated to cause warts on the hand.  The strain that causes hands warts is however different from the ones that cause them on some other parts of the body.
Generally, warts are transmitted through direct contact with an infected person. Genital warts too are transmitted through contact with someone who is infected with genital warts.  Any warts can actually lead to hands warts.
Hands warts appear in varying degree of colors. It can appear whitish, reddish or pinkish. The shapes too differ; the same with the size.  Flat warts and common warts are the most common strains of warts. They are very small in size. They appear mostly flat. They appear on the hand either in cluster or in small groups.
There is not much difference between the treatment of warts on any other part of the body and the one on the hands. The strains of HPV on the hand respond to the same kind of treatment as the strains on any other part. The use of ointment is one of the most common when it comes to hand warts treatment. The cream is simply applied on the hand for as long as the warts are still in place. You should however make sure that the hand is well washed before you apply the cream.
The warts can also be burnt in an attempt to get them removed. This is done by simply lighting a match stick and blowing off the fire. The ember is then applied to the surface of the hand warts until it is burnt. This may however leave one form of scar or the other on the surface of the hands. The scar can also be easily scrapped off.  You can also freeze off the warts from your hand. The only problem is that the warts may still re-grow.

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