Penile Wart Treatment

Wart is not something out of place. This is due to the fact that it is as common as many of the other skin conditions that are around. When it starts growing on the skin, it can make the skin look rather ugly. A wart is never painful in the least. It is also completely harmless in that it does not lead to cancer.
Wart can be found on several parts of the body including the penile shaft. The form growing in this area can be very delicate in that it can get easily bruised. When it does, it can get infected and lead to something more dangerous to the health of the individual.  It is therefore important to get rid of the skin condition as early as possible. Through this simple write up, you will learn bout simple things you can do to get rid of penile wart.
Try duct tape
The use of duct tape is one of the most common methods for getting rid of wart; irrespective of the part of the body on which it is growing. It can also be used to treat the ones that are growing on the genitals. You only need to wrap the duct tape around the wart and wait till the duct tape is showing any sign of loosening up. When it loosens up, remove the duct tape to check if the wart has been removed. If not, change the duct tape to another one. After a matter of two or three weeks, the skin condition should be removed form the skin.
Try topical cream
There are some topical creams that had been made specially for the purpose of getting rid of wart. You only need to apply the creams directly on the surface of the skin condition.  Since there are different makers of these creams, it is expected that the cream will function differently. While some will work on the wart in a matter of days, some other creams may take up to a couple of weeks before you can ever hope for complete freedom from the skin condition.
In case you do not want to deal with the wart on your penal shaft using any home made method, you can always go to the hospital. This may even be the best way to get rid of the skin condition in comparison with any of the other treatment methods.

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