Penile Warts – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Penile or genital warts are small growths generally appearing inside the area of the genitals. The growths can appear inside the vagina or around the vaginal opening. They can also appear within the area between perineum and the anus or around the anus.
The most common way to spread these warts is through close sexual contact. A person affected can easily transfer the HPV virus to hisher partner. Genital warts take 8 – 18 months to appear on the skin. This virus has a long gestation period before starting to appear on the skin. Virus can remain in the tissue of the affected area even after the removal of the infection. Penile warts can reappear on the genital skin of the people.
The symptoms of the penile warts are mentioned below:

  • Small, round or flat, red, itchy growths around or on the periphery of the penis, vagina, around the perineum, or anus.
  • These can grow like a big lump or a cauliflower shape.

The main reason of infections is through some strains of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  Though these strains of HPV are not related to penile cancers, but it is essential to remove penile warts early on. Children can also be affected with these penile warts.  If this happens with a child then the child should immediately brought to a physician for physical check up.
Dermatologists can give proper prescription that suites affected patients. You should consult with a doctor before taking any self medication. Doctors can recommend removal cream.  Now a day herbal and homeopathic treatment have become popular among warts affected people. There is no after effect of using those treatments. Though these treatments take much time to remove warts but they are effective and painless.

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