Precancerous Warts

Warts are very common skin conditions. They had been reported n several parts of the body. One begins to wonder at times if there is no part of the body on which warts can not grow. It had been reported one the sole of the feet, the hands, the face, the legs and even different parts of the groin.  The skin condition can also affect any age or sex. No one can ever say he or she is completely free from this skin condition.
Its harmless state
Warts are not harmful to the skin. It can be said to benign; in that it does not lead to cancer. If left untreated, the skin condition can even disappear from the skin on its own within two or three weeks. The only problem that can occur with warts is that it can grow in size and it can get bruised when it occurs on parts of the body that are easily bruised. Such parts include the genitals, the sole of the feet and the anus.
Its precancerous nature
When warts get bruised this way, it can lead to further infection. The local infection can even become systemic. Infection of the skin condition can also lead to the development of cancer. It is therefore in the best interest of anyone having such warts to get rid of it as early as possible before it gets bruised.
Simple treatment
When you notice warts on your skin, you need to get it treated on time before any thing happens to it. It is true that the skin condition can disappear after about two or three weeks on its own without any treatment. If the skin condition is coming up on areas of the skin that are easily bruised, you should not wait for it to disappear on its own. You should quickly get rid of it on time before infections set in. Any infected warts are precancerous ones.  This is why it should not be taken for granted.
Once you notice warts on your skin, you should go to the hospital immediately. Let your doctor examine it and determine the right treatment method for it. There are also some simple home treatment methods that can be used in treating such precancerous warts. You can also make use of specially made topical creams for the same purpose. You will need to apply the treatment methods consistently before you can hope for a cure.

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