Preventing Warts

Warts are caused by human papillomavirus which is an extremely contagious ailment. This clearly indicates why people from diverse demographic go through the infection. However, there are a number of things to be observed to prevent the terrible skin infection.
World wide, HPV is most commonly sexually transmitted in adults. To stop the spread of the dreadful skin tumors, protective sexual activities are highly encouraged. Usage of condoms ensures infection is not stretched.
On the other hand, avoiding sexual activities with several partners can be of great help. Have close contact with the people you well know their health status. Warts are contagious and if any contact with an infected person, you undeniably develop the viral infection.
Wash hands thoroughly after handling warts. They are self infection ailments and if one touches warts and goes on to touch any other part of the skin, they will undoubtedly spread the viral infection.
When cutting the nails, do not use the same razor on the infected finger. This approach prevents spreading the periungual warts to the other finger tips or under the nails.
Sharing of towels, flannels or other personal items should be prohibited. Any contact with an infected person’s towel, conduct the HPV which then grows with the skin.
More over, do not scratch the small rough bumps. If scratched, they are likely to spread to other areas.
Plantar warts can be prevented by wearing sandals when moving in and out of communal showers. The risk is reduced since the direct contact with the wet areas is deprived hence preventing the transmission of the viral infections.
Avoid combing and shaving on areas with skin tumors. The practice might wound the growth hence increasing the risk to spread if those areas are touched with hands.
During swimming, cover the skin growth with a waterproof plaster to prevent spreading human papilloma virrus to the rest of the swimmers. The band aid prevents spread of warts to the environment and to swimmers.
Another important step of prevention is to consult a health care professional who gives you the prescribed socks to wear so as to cover the elevated skin growths. The special socks are designed in such a way that a perfect protection from spread of skin tumors to other region of the body is guaranteed.
If prevention practices are not fully effective to stop warts infection, the patient should seek medical care for vaccines or treatment if already infected.

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