Preventing Warts On The Skin

Warts infections are basically caused by the HPV Virus{ Human Papilloma Virus}. These virus strains are principally the cause of Warts infection but many people do believe that warts are caused by the damaging rays of the sun. Though wart infections can be aggravated by exposing the body to sun rays excessively, however , sun rays cannot cause warts. There are several ways by which wart infections can be prevented , though it is very difficult to prevent hereditary warts as well as warts caused by pregnancies.
Perhaps, the most effective ways of preventing warts infection on your skin is to stay away from having  direct contact with those suffering from the infection. You need to avoid any skin contact with an individual suffering from warts, do not share any clothing materials including bathroom towels, or underwear with such people as such can quickly spread the infection.
You need to understand that, an appreciable number of HPV strains are always present on the skin, but their activities have been curtailed with our immune systems, you should be able to ask your doctor on the means by which you can boost or restore your immune system back to normal especially when you have just been treated for another diseases or medical complications{ remember, treatments with some medications can reduce the powers of your immune system and make you susceptible to wart infections}. Once your immune system is restored to normal, then warts infections will be prevented provided that you do not make contact with any individual suffering from the infection.
Genital warts can be caused through a direct sexual intercourse with an individual suffering from warts infection. You can protect yourself from this genital warts in a number of ways. You will need to abstain totally from reckless sexual behaviour or wear latex or any other durable condoms. You need to abstain from oral sex as well as such can make a warts infection spread quickly.
As a means of protecting yourself from the spread of warts infection, you must stay away from excessive sunlight. The UV rays of the sun can worsen some of the symptoms of warts infection, as a matter of fact, UV rays of the sun may make your warts become itchy and irritating, when you scratch the surface of the wart, you can easily spread them to some other part of the body.
Consult your doctor if your warts are starting to grow in an irregular way.

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