Removal Of Warts Using Duct Tape

There are several types of warts. Warts are small rough benign lesions on the skin that are cause by viral infection. Some types are; Genital warts, just like the name suggests are found in the genitalia. They can also be referred to as venereal warts. Common are normally raised with a roughened surface. This type of warts is very common on the hands but it can also appear on other body parts. Mosaic warts are plantar-type warts common on the soles of the feet and the hands. These warts are usually in a group where they are tightly clustered. Plantar wart normally attacks pressure points of the body like the sole of the feet. This type of warts is hard and is sometimes a painful lump and it has multiple black specks in the center at most times.
There are several treatments for warts. Electrocautery involves the use of electric current to burn off warts. It is some sort of surgery and works on warts. Beams of light are used on warts to kill them. This treatment is known as laser treatments. You should note that lasers are very effective but expensive and most people use it as the last option when everything else has not worked.
Castor oil is rubbed on the lesions before you get to bed then you wash it out in the morning. Apple cider vinegar is used just the same way as castor oil. This treatment however causes a burning effect and you can opt to use it for 30 minutes thrice daily instead of sleeping with it.
Duct tape can also be used to remove warts. The tape usually removes dead skin from the wart and it therefore slowly eliminates the wart virus that is in the skin. This tape also activates the body’s immune system to fight the wart virus and in no time, the warts will disappear.
It is not hard to use duct tapes. The tape is applied on the wart and kept there for about 7 days then it is removed and pared down with emery board. Over-the –counter salicylic acid is applied on the wart to completely cover the area. It is left to dry and duct tape is used to cover the wart for a whole night. When the tape is removed in the morning, the dead skin is removed along with the duct tape.
Finally, ensure that you find good treatment for your warts.

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