Stubborn Warts

Warts are not friendly on the skin in the least. It is a skin condition you would want to do away with at all cost. Wart is also a very stubborn skin condition in that it tends to reoccur at times after it had been treated. The fact that it is caused by a virus also aggravates its stubbornness. The skin condition needs to be removed on time from the skin before it gets bruised and infected, which may lead to other complications.  The skin condition can also appear on the skin of both the old and the young. It can make the skin look very old and ugly. After treatment, some scars may be left on the skin and this will really disfigure the skin. But you can be sure that it is possible to find lasting solution to the warts that will never result into the formation of scars after treatment. The treatment methods mentioned below will also prevent the stubborn warts from reoccurring after treatment.
Salicylic acid
This is of the most reliable methods to deal with a stubborn wart. It is actually more reliable than any other hospital related method.  After you must have finished with the treatment with salicylic acid, you can be sure that nothing like scars will be left on your skin and you can reclaim your fresh skin from warts.
Method of application
It is very easy to obtain salicylic acid over the counter. You can get it in the powered form or the tablet form. After this, brush the surface of the warts with emery board. This will quicken the rate at which the salicylic acid works on the skin condition. After this brushing, you can go ahead and apply the salicylic acid to the surface of the lesion on your skin. Allow the powder to soak into the lesion of the wart after application.
The warts will not disappear over night. It may take some time before you will start to notice any sign of healing.  It may actually take weeks for the skin condition to be completely removed. You may have to repeat the application of the salicylic acid on daily basis and this will go a long way in quickening the rate at which the salicylic acid has effect on your warts.  After salicylic acid had been applied on your skin, cover things up with bandaid to ensure the powder remains on the skin.

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