Warts are rather common today. They are as common as any of the other skin conditions that are available out these. Funny enough, you may even be having this skin condition without being aware that you are a carrier. This is because many people contact the skin condition without getting infected by it. This skin condition is also caused by a virus and it is highly contagious. Everyone needs to keep this fact in mind and this will help you to be careful how close or far you stand from people so as not to get infected with this skin condition called warts.
Does the sun affect it?
There had been many concerns about how much effect the sun has on warts. Many individuals are wondering if the skin condition can get worse if they stand under the sun. The truth of the matter is that this skin condition is not really affected by the sun in anyway. The sun does not make it worse as it had been thought. When you have the skin condition and you stand under the sun, the sun may only change the color of the skin condition and this will lead to the development of what s called sun warts.
There is nothing to worry about in sun warts. It only has a different color from the normal forms of this skin condition. Because of the sun, the skin condition changes its color and it gets darker or becomes more reddish in comparison with the normal thing. You should then not bother about the sun having any special effect on the skin condition. It will not make warts worse or make it spread. The sun does not also lead to transformation of this skin condition to cancer; as it is being feared by some people.
Reduce exposure to the sun
When you have warts, it is not in your best interest to stay for too long under the sun. it is true that the sun may not cause any aggravation of the condition, but there is a very slim chance that excessive exposure to the sun can lead to a situation in which the sun reduces the ability of the body to fight HPV, which is the virus responsible for causing the skin condition called warts. When this happens, auto-immune problems kick in.  It needs to be noted anyway that this rarely happens. But it is better to be on the safer side.

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