Symptoms Associated With Genital Warts

Genital warts are the kinds of warts that are found around the genitals of the affected person.  They are caused by a strain of HPV that is totally different from the common kinds of strains that are associated with other kinds of warts that are found on other parts of the human body. Genital warts had been known to come with various kinds of symptoms. Some of them are actually very disturbing while some other ones are rather mild in their effects. This article will discuss some of the symptoms that had been associated with this kind of warts.
Early appearance
You may have to carry out one or two forms of medical tests before you can convincingly make up your mind on warts. Genital warts usually appear in the form of reddish outgrowth on the skin around the anus and the genitals. There are times that they can also appear in the same color as that of the skin.
How to find out
To find out about the possibility of genital warts coming up, you may have to do what is called Pap smear.  If the Pap smear gives a normal result, you do not have to bother about having genital warts. If the result is however not normal, you can be sure that warts are on the way. The Pap smear is however not conclusive test for warts
DNA test
Abnormal Pap smear usually associates with abnormality in DNA sequence of the affected person.  Anyone with abnormal Pap smear test result is therefore taken through DNA test to determine the possibility of any abnormality in the DNA. This is a great sign of the development of genital warts.   DNA abnormality can also result in cancer.
This is a very common kind of symptom that had been found to be associated with warts.  Those suffering from genital warts had found it very common to experience this itchy feeling on their private part.  The temptation to actually scratch had been so intense to the extent that some are unable to overcome it. Scratching of course leads to intensive bleeding of the area.
Bleeding had been consistently associated with genital warts. The genital warts that grow around and within the anus are subject to friction from opposite wall of the rectum and this will cause them to bleed. The same thing happens to those genital warts that grow within the urethra. They too tend to experience friction and bleed.

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