Treating Warts At Home

Warts are harmless hard growths that are usually found on the skin surface. The growths are caused by rapid multiplication of skin cells after the cells have been exposed to the human papillomavirus. The human papillomavirus is very easily found on most places and all of us come to contact with it at some point in our lives. There are many types of the virus, each capable of causing a specific type of wart.

Warts are spread from person to person through exposure of uninfected skin to the human papillomavirus. This could be as a result of direct skin to skin contact or the sharing of personal effects that get direct contact with the skin. Before thinking about treating warts, it is important to first ensure that there is no further spread of the infection. Keeping the skin surface clean at all times will ensure that the virus will not spread to other parts of the skin or to other people. It is therefore important to ensure that you regularly and thoroughly clean the skin surface and where possible, disinfectant is applied after washing.
Wart treatment is more effective when done in the early stages hence it is advisable that action is taken immediately the wart is noticed. There are many home remedies that are proven to remove warts. The first one is the use of onions. Onions stimulate the circulation of blood in the skin and the irritation caused kills the virus. It is applied by directly rubbing raw onions on the wart or by using a piece of cotton wool to rub freshly prepared onion juice on the wart. Thereafter, the juice should not be washed off. The time allowed will enable the juice to act fully on the wart to obtain the most favorable results. Onion juice is acidic and will cause serious irritation when it comes to contact with sensitive parts of the body like eyes hence it is advisable to exercise caution when applying.
Another home remedy to warts is the use of raw potatoes. Raw potatoes can serve as effective wart removers if they are applied frequently. The potatoes should be rubbed directly on the skin with warts immediately after they are peeled. A thick paste made by smashing the potatoes may also be applied to the warts to obtain the same results. This method is effective when done regularly. It is important that only fresh potatoes are used since they tend to oxidize and weaken when they are left exposed to the atmosphere for some time.

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