Treating Warts Naturally

Warts are painless growths that are normally located on the outer skin surface. They are caused by exposure of the skin to a virus known as the human papillomavirus, popularly known as the HPV. Exposure of the skin to this virus causes the cells located on the outer layer of the skin to multiply rapidly and result in a hard growth known as a wart. Before we look at the treatment of warts it is important to note that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, it is of great importance to ensure that once a wart is spotted, it does not spread to other parts of the body. Due to the highly contagious nature of the growths, it is important to maintain a high level of cleanliness to ensure that treatment yields fruits.

Experts have proven that treatment of warts is more effective when done in the early stages of infection. It is therefore important to ensure that the wart is treated as soon as it is seen to ensure fast and effective treatment. If the wart is located on the hands, ensuring frequent thorough hand washes will keep the infection to other parts of the body minimal and hence will increase the response to treatment. However, this behavior is not encouraged after the medication is applied on the skin since washing will remove the medicine from the skin and hinder the treatment process.

There are many natural ways of treating warts. These include wart treatment creams and home remedies. Most of the creams are made up of 100% natural ingredients and are proven to remove warts effectively. The other natural wart removal method is the use of home remedies. Most of these home remedies use natural ingredients to remove warts in a manner that is healthy and safe for the skin. The home remedies include onions, pineapple juice and apple cider vinegar.

When using onions for wart removal, freshly prepared onion juice is applied on the surface of the skin and left there to dry. Where the juice is not available, sliced raw onion may be rubbed directly on the skin surface since it has the same effect. Pineapple juice is also applied on the wart directly. It has enzymes that dry the warts and leave the skin looking fresh and toned. The apple cider vinegar is taken orally when removing warts. Taking at least one spoonful of the vinegar will ensure that the body has sufficient potassium to work on the warts and other blemishes found on the skin.


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