Treating Warts With Liquid Nitrogen

Warts are very common skin conditions. They can make the skin look rather rough and unsightly. They can also be seen on several parts of the body including the face and the legs. You should not have any fear of the skin condition becoming cancerous at all. It is however important to get rid of it if it is growing on areas like the genitals and the anus. This is because such warts can get bruised and infected. The infection will surely make things worse for the individual.

Treating warts

The occurrence of warts on the skin does not actually require any form of treatment. This is because the skin condition can disappear on its own. If you leave it for a period of two or three weeks, it can be removed naturally from the skin. But if you insist on treating it, this simple write up will open your eyes to a very simple treatment method which makes use of liquid nitrogen.

The use of liquid nitrogen

Many dermatologists prefer the use of liquid nitrogen for the removal of warts to other forms of treatment. Liquid nitrogen can also be used for treating moles. You also do not need to always pay a visit to the dermatologist before you can get warts treated; you can always get things done by yourself at home.

How it works

Liquid nitrogen is very cold. Its temperature is even below freezing point of water. When it is applied to warts, it helps to freeze it. Liquid nitrogen focuses its attention on the blood vessels that supply the warts. It is actually the blood vessels that supply the skin condition with the nutrients it need for survival. Once the blood vessels are frozen up by the liquid nitrogen, the skin condition will die and it will fall of the skin.

Points to note

While freezing the warts with the liquid nitrogen, blisters will appear at the spot from which the skin condition had been removed. Tampering with the blisters will only make the skin condition to grow back. The blisters will surely give you some burning sensations. But it is not safe to touch it in any way.


After some days of treatment, the blisters will dry off the skin on their own. They will then form a dark and dead skin layer. You should not fall for the temptation of removing the dead skin so as not to provoke the warts to grow back.


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