Treatment For Warts

The formation of warts on a person’s skin causes a lot of discomfort. Although the skin growths are not cancerous in nature, many people move quickly to get rid of them. One of the main causes of warts is the human papillomavirus. This is a common pathogen found in humans that is transmitted by skin contact with an infected person. The virus can also be acquired by touching infected door handles, towels, floors and other public utilities. Warts that are caused by this virus are highly contagious and should be treated immediately.
There are many preventive measures that can be taken to deal with warts. There is a vaccine that can be administered that is effective against 90% of all types of human papillomavirus. In addition to using vaccines to boost the immune system, nutritional changes can also be made to strengthen the immune system. People should eat a diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. These foods increase the ability of the immune system to fight off diseases and minor infections.
One of the most popular methods used to deal with warts is application of tea tree oil. The oil has many medicinal benefits and is very popular for treating skin lesions of many types. In order to treat warts, a person should apply tea tree oil on the wart and leave it to stay for a few minutes. The process should be repeated three times each day. The wart dries off and eventually falls off within a few weeks.
Castor seed oil is another commonly used substance in the treatment of warts. The castor seed oil is applied on the wart and left for several minutes. A person can also massage the oil gently on the wart for a period of 20 minutes at least once every day. This should be repeated for about two to three weeks or until the wart falls off.
There are several methods that doctors use to treat warts. One of the methods is surgical excision. In this process, the affected area is sterilized and a topical anesthetic applied. Doctors then use a surgical blade to cut the wart off. The area is then covered and treated with antibiotics until it heals.
The treatment process of warts is most effective when the exact cause of the warts is known. When a person notices the development of warts, he/she should seek medical advice from a dermatologist before starting any treatments.

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