Treatment Of Non-Genital Warts

Warts often occur on the skin as a result of the Human Papilomavirus{ HPV} , though certain HPV virus may cause warts to occur at some specific places on the body but generally speaking they can develop at any site on the body. The common types which result from the actions of HPV on the skin include; common , genital , and deep palmo-plantar warts. All kinds of warts can be transferred from an individual to the other through direct and indirect contacts. Malignant transformation of warts is commonly found in people suffering from genital warts and most likely they are suffering from immuno-depressing problems.
Non genital warts can affect any part of the body as well as mucus membrane. The epithelium region of the skin is where the infection is confined and such does not result in the systemic dissemination of the viral infection. Treatment can be very difficult and there could be failure of different kinds of treatments depending on a number of factors. Since there can be replication of the viral infection on the skin, even the basal layer is not spared.
Non genital warts are believed to affect more than half of the total wart sufferers worldwide. It is believed that up to 10% of the world population suffer from this skin disorder. Warts generally appear on plantar surfaces and such plantar warts can be very painful aside the fact that they are cosmetically not ideal on the skin. Though malignancy in non genital warts are rare but have been reported in few occasions.
Non genital warts are also referred to as “ Verrucous warts” . They are slow growing warts and are centrally or localized invasive in nature. They are well differentiated squamous cell carcinoma infection which might be confused with common warts. Though it can occur at any age but it is more prominent among school-age children and young ones within the range of 12-16 years of age.
There are several types of non genital warts, the two commonest ones are flat warts and Butcher’s warts. Flat non genital warts are also referred to as plain warts. They are characterized by flat or slightly raised coloured papules which can be slightly hyperkeratosis or smooth in texture. The number may range from few to hundreds and they do not extend more than 5mm in diameter.
Butcher’s warts are more common among individuals that handle meat and that is where the name comes from. They appear as cauli-flower like lesions and often appear on the hand.

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