Treatment Of Penile Warts

Penile warts are the warts that are found on the penile shaft. There is actually nothing much in the way of difference from the warts on any other part of the body and the one that grows on the penile shaft. The penile warts can also be referred to as veneral warts. They come to being on the penile shaft through sexual infection.
Penile warts present several symptoms on the person that is affected. Some of the symptoms include burning sensations. The person affected may also experience bleeding on the penile shaft.  Itching may also occur and this will lead to a situation whereby the affected person scratches the penile shaft and result into more bleeding and more injury to the shaft.
It is not all penile warts that require treatment. They usually go on their own after sometimes. Some may however refuse to let go and they surely require the use of one form of medication or the other to get things settled.  There are several forms of treatment methods that are available for the treatment of penile warts.

  • Banana peels: You can make use of banana peels for the treatment of penile warts. You will need to cut the banana peels into small squares. So as to avoid getting them spoilt, you can store them in the refrigerator. You can put one of them on the wart and cover it up with a pad. This will help keep it in place. Keep the banana peel in place until the warts disappears.
  • Acetic acid: This too can be helpful in the detection and treatment of warts. If you want to detect whether penile warts is present or not, all you need to do is to place some acetic acid on the penal shaft. After a while, the acetic acid turns white to indicate the presence of warts.  The acetic acid can also help with the curing of penile warts. The acid eats into the warts and makes it to peel off.
  • Burn: You can make use of heat to get rid of warts. All you need to do is to light a matchstick, allow the fire to die off and apply the heated head directly to the warts. This will lead to the formation of blister and the warts can easily be removed.

Any of the methods mentioned above should work for the removal of your penal warts. In case none of them works, you should endeavor to see a doctor.

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